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Operating systems (OS)

OS related questions, flashing, versions, etc.

What is the operating system?

Debian 11 Android 12 URVE Linux (Buildroot)

Can I change the OS settings?

You can modify any settings in Debian.

Can I change/switch the OS language?

Yes, without a problem.For more information check:

How do I reinstall/reflash the operating system?

Prerequisites USB A <-> USB A cable (plug it to middle top USB port) Download tools and prope...

URVE multimedia application is indicated on your site, is it available in the OS?

It's optional and paid software. It is not installed on URVE Pi's OS.

Can I create my own Debian compilation?

If you want to create your own Debian compilation, check out the manual (

Does URVE Board Pi come with preinstalled OS?

Yes, the OS comes pre-installed on board (eMMC).

What is the Raspbian RPi compatibility?

Since we are using Debian Linaro on our URVE Pi, after testing we believe that almost all softwar...

Is it possible to install the OpenBSD operating system on URVE Pi?

Probably yes, but we do not support such a scenario. It could also be hard to run VPU and GPU acc...

Is it possible to upload firmware using the USB C port?

No, USB 2.0 OTG port is used for flashing the OS.

Can data be stored on the SD card if the OS (by default) is installed on the eMMC?

Of course.

Does URVE Pi have a built-in watchdog? Does it run in the basic configuration?

It doesn't run in the basic configuration, but adding it to the kernel is trivial, as well as tur...

Debian 11 Autostart

To make a program or script run automatically when the Debian 11 operating system starts up, you ...

Activating OTG Mode

By default, URVEPi operates all four USB ports in host mode. To switch the top-middle port to OTG...